Jul 3 2017
Fear and immigration uncertainty in Colorado's high country.

There’s a new boom in Leadville, but for the thousands of Latino immigrants who call the Cloud City home, 2017 has brought new challenges—and fears—to their place high in the Rocky Mountains.
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Heroin in Colorado

In Colorado, those lost—and those affected—by the state's heroin crisis are hiding in plain sight.
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Jul 29 2016
How One Colorado Man Disappeared While Hunting For Hidden Treasure

Randy Bilyeu thought he’d located Forrest Fenn’s infamous cache of gold and jewels. Then he went missing in New Mexico's high desert. Inside the hunt for Fenn’s riches—and the search for the man who vanished looking for them.
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Nov 25 2015
District attorney George Brauchler is Colorado's most visible death penalty supporter.

How District Attorney George Brauchler became Colorado’s most visible proponent of capital punishment.
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Dec 2 2014

For decades, Crowley County farmers sold off their water, gallon by gallon. No one could have anticipated what would happen next.
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Inside the booming business of legalized weed.
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Sep 4 2014

Nine people died in the flooding between September 11 and 17, 2013, one of the worst natural disasters in Colorado history. Up to 19 inches of rain fell in the state during that time: More than 1,800 houses were destroyed, and another 19,000 structures were damaged. For the people who lived on a sliver of U.S. 34 a dozen miles west of Loveland, the floods were nothing short of catastrophic. These are their stories.
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