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Inside the booming business of legalized weed.
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Sep 4 2014

Nine people died in the flooding between September 11 and 17, 2013, one of the worst natural disasters in Colorado history. Up to 19 inches of rain fell in the state during that time: More than 1,800 houses were destroyed, and another 19,000 structures were damaged. For the people who lived on a sliver of U.S. 34 a dozen miles west of Loveland, the floods were nothing short of catastrophic. These are their stories.
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Jun 4 2014
Michelle Malkin profile in 5280 magazine

Author, pundit, provocateur, Coloradan: Is Michelle Malkin's divisive voice the cure to what ails the Republican Party?
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Ian Kinsler wants to help his new team and stick it to his old one.
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The Rise and Fall and Rise and Fall of Terrance Roberts

Why would one of the most influential anti-gang voices in Colorado shoot another man? A true-life parable of how one of northeast Park Hill's success stories became another casualty of the streets.
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Nov 26 2013
Frank DeAngelis, 5280 magazine

Frank DeAngelis has been in charge of Columbine High School since the mass shooting there nearly 15 years ago. That’s about to change.
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Tony Romo, ESPN The Magazine

Blame Tony Romo all you want. He's doing the same—until he wins a ring.
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Nov 1 2013
"Whoomp! (There It Is)" 20 years later.

Twenty years ago, two guys from North Denver released one of the most popular rap singles of all time. An inside look at the weird, wild ride of DC the Brain Supreme and Steve Rolln, hip-hop’s ultimate one-hit wonders.
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Best friends, confidants, alter egos … Max and Alex were all that. And much more.

When Max Scherzer lost his brother last summer, he did the one thing that could help the family through the grief. He kept pitching.
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