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What happens in Vegas

The evolution of baseball's newest superstar, seen through his father's eyes.
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Feb 3 2016
How the Gold King Mine Spill Threatens the Navajo Nation

Colorado’s Gold King Mine spill sent millions of gallons of contaminated water into the Animas River this past summer. More than 130 miles away in New Mexico, along the San Juan River, the environmental disaster is making the Navajo Nation rethink itself.
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Nov 25 2015
District attorney George Brauchler is Colorado's most visible death penalty supporter.

How District Attorney George Brauchler became Colorado’s most visible proponent of capital punishment.
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Jahlil Okafor's lonely climb

It always seemed so easy. The most dominant kid on the basketball court. Championships at Chicago's Whitney M. Young Magnet High School, at Duke. One of the first picks in the NBA's draft. Now, as the main attraction on the league's worst team, Jahlil Okafor is uncharted territory.

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The two sides of Denver's real estate boom.

Finding affordable housing in Denver has never been more difficult. This white-hot market is dividing our city—and one student and a young investor are at ground zero of the monumental transformation.

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Cory Gardner, United States senator

He can be funny, likable and—depending on the day—a political turncoat, a GOP savior, or a partisan hack. So, now that's he's been a U.S. senator for six months, who is the Gentleman from Colorado?
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Jul 13 2015
Eric Coffman, the coolest spaceship designer you've ever heard about.

How Eric Coffman overcame a devastating accident and became the coolest spaceship designer you've ever heard about.
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Apr 27 2015
Michael Andrew is on a mission

Sixteen-year-old Michael Andrew is being groomed to be the next Michael Phelps. But at what cost?
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Jonathan Lucroy Needs a Raise

How does pitch framing make Brewers catcher Jonathan Lucroy the most undervalued player in baseball?
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Dec 2 2014

For decades, Crowley County farmers sold off their water, gallon by gallon. No one could have anticipated what would happen next.
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